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Soft person to just - to create a soft power to bu

First, curriculum background

From Inamor see what miracle save JAL soft power.

In January 19, 2010, Japan Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection, Japanese Prime Minister Yukio personally ask, has been retired for 13 years Inamori Kazuo returned to save nikko。 Inamori Kazuo put forward two conditions: one is to zero salary as Nikko CEO; two is that he will not take the team to nikko。 424 days later, will produce a special rice paper。 2010 - 2011 fiscal year, JAL has created an unprecedented 188 billion 400 million yen profit, is three times the main rival "ana" profits, but also for the same period of the world aviation industry profits in the first company。 In just one year, JAL did three first: the first in the world, the profit rate in the world, the level of service on the first in the world, it is a miracle。

Two, the teaching object

Senior management in the airport (within 30 people)

Three, course fees

35000 yuan per day, not including the travel expenses of lecturers and teaching assistants。

Four, course time

1 days (6 hours) during the training period

Five, curriculum outline

1, the soft power of the formation of the business model: insight into the business logic of the airport industry

1。1 power of business model

1.2 investment income model of aviation industry

1.3 investment income model of non aviation industry

1.4 airport industry's business model - the double main industry interaction flow economy

2, the soft power of commercial management - terminal building business performance improvement

2。1 terminal business layout optimization

2.2 terminal category and format optimization

2。3 pricing, investment and contract design of franchise mode

2。4 terminal business performance management and business oriented

3, service soft power - service brand building

3.1 service management: service blueprint and passenger contact

3.2 atmosphere to create - so that the five senses are intoxicated

3.3 experience design - the end of the law of the peak

3.4 service brand - the visible manifestation of soft power

4, talent soft power -- talent development and echelon construction

4.1 the power of culture, and culture, he fired Inamori Tetsumanabu

4.2 organization of amoeba management, right triangle

4.3 talent as the core of organizational perspective

4.4 discovery, training, and promote the technical means of personnel