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Q1.company size and future development?

A1. China Cary was founded in November 2002, including its Cary consulting, Cary wealth and Ince three companies in the main pin, two core markets: Aviation economy, growth oriented enterprises, to provide the whole elements of top consulting and investment services, and in 2015 the newly established Ince pin is set up, the first store in Shenyang airport. Mainly through the promotion of online sales, offline experience mode, so that customers enjoy the shopping experience. The Cary consulting currently has more than 50 consultants, more than 80% are master degree or above. At present in Xiamen, Shanghai, Beijing are equipped with branch.

Q2. is currently the main business consulting Cary

A2。 Cary's management consulting (Xiamen) Limited by Share Ltd is a professional consulting organization the only focus of civil aviation research for more than ten years, as the first brand Chinese Airport advisory。 So far, with the top 40 airports in China have established a close and continuous relationship, and achieve a repeat purchase rate of over 70%。 Because understands the airport business operation procedure, Cary has become the preeminent comprehensive solution provider of management consulting, for many years in the field of airport strategy, human resources, business and terminal accumulated numerous customers identity of the successful cases, customers rely on the cooperation become the first choice。


Q1.2016 years of school recruit number is how many

A1。 campus recruitment is expected to be in the country's 4 cities, recruiting MBA, graduate, undergraduate a total of 45 people。 The list of resumes and interviews will be aggregated across the country, so no specific places will be established between schools。

Why Q2. stressed the "key", "scholarship", "club p

A2。 Cary consulting and project hope to achieve market share price way ahead -- far exceeding the average level in the market, which requires us to provide better service to customers。 Also means that we need more excellent staff to achieve such a service, and is willing to pay a higher salary for the more outstanding employees。 And we believe that man's excellence is a habit。 Can be a person's past, present and future three links, if not "habits", and what is it?

Q3. if I am in these recruitment conditions, such

A3. these words obviously mean that you are a good student to reflect your past learning results, but not the decisive factor in our selection of talent.

Q4. interview process is what? What is the key poi

A4. interview process: your resume in the presentation in an interview - Double - signed employment agreement confirmation

Attend one side to pay attention to

If you mention the award-winning experience, performance ranking, then please remember to bring the certificate or a copy of the original and a copy of the interview, we will retain a copy of the。

Graduates recommended list is a very good proof of the material, so you may wish to bring together the original and a copy of the interview site.

If you do not send a resume before attached documents, may wish to bring a passport to the interview scene.

For the sake of environmental protection, we are very welcome to use double-sided printing materials mentioned, as well as reducing.

Enter the interview site, remember to use the paper to make a table for their own card, in order to exchange。 And remember, the table is done to other people to see, so the information should be enough eye-catching and clear, and the face of others。

When leaving, check to bring their own certificate is complete to bring back, to avoid loss。

Take part in the two side to pay attention to

When making the case, please pay attention to the notice of the prompt, reference "thinking of the 5 steps" for analysis。

Remember to make a good case, use U disk copy and bring to the scene。

U disk used to copy the case, please advance antivirus.

If you have a case analysis, there are process documents, may wish to bring together.

Q5. carrier in the recruitment process, emphasizin

A5。Requirements of core competence consulting based on the standard of choosing talents Cary: strong logic analysis ability to solve the problem of thinking ability, therefore, is not limited to professional。 Cary is from a school in various talents。 As long as you meet Cary with standard, can get the opportunity to join cary。

Q6. Cary positions is the core competence of its c

A6. Pyramid /MECE/ logic tree. Our interview will focus on the ability to solve the problem of logical thinking, problem-solving skills. Therefore, we recommend you read: "the McKinsey method" (Esen Russell) Chinese version, "the Pyramid principle" (Barbara Minto) CDNCA version.

Q7. when can I sign OFFER?

A7. we will give a reply within 1 weeks after the exchange of three sides and sign OFFER.

Career growth & Development

Cary Q1. currently offers several place of work? C

A1。 Cary is currently in Xiamen, Shanghai, Beijing branch。 The current work place base in Xiamen。

Q2. overtime hours? What is the probability of a b

A2。 is like a carrier not to say yes or no, space time compressor, sometimes in order to complete a report in a very short period or data analyses, overtime is common when。 But as long as the reasonable arrangement of your work, plan ahead, you can try to avoid the situation of overtime。 Under the general situation of the consultant is to provide our professional services in the client side, so it is a long-term business trip。 In addition, according to the size of the project needs to be fixed, the general project cycle in 2-3 months。

Q3. Cary advice on how to help new employees to do

A3。 to the campus recruitment into Cary consulting staff:

In the year April, we will open at least one week of new training camps, new employees will be here to accept the company culture, system, consulting skills, the company's products, standard work procedures, customer training system basic knowledge industry.

The company is equipped with full-time instructors for each probation period. The supervisor is responsible for the application of consulting skills, industry knowledge, and the specific delivery of corporate culture.

Even in the probation period, but also need to participate in actual combat, and in the actual combat growth.

Every six months the company organized a skill, skill, product training。

The company is rich, the real database on every one of my colleagues can open, convenient access to learning experience.

All colleagues at any time and place, through a variety of ways to give the spirit, technology, skills, communication and support.

Q4. can I get opportunities in Cary consulting?

A4。 almost 100% annual growth, for each Cary consulting company employees lack of opportunity。 Young people challenge the unfamiliar industry we have been doing; break the breadth and depth of us to encourage the staff in the field of consultation, we encourage employees in consulting, business, internal administrative work conversion; we even encourage employees to accept the invitation to serve customers from the top, also by chinahr。com, Zhaopin recruitment website and search company employees in large enterprises such as the human resources director, executive director; and once every half a year of promotion opportunities, a system of training every half a year already belongs to normal operation。

The opportunity for us too much, so Cary consulting staff to focus on whether they have the feasible plan, and to grasp the overwhelming superiority and potential opportunities, opportunities to avoid being carried away.

Q5. how long is the first contract period? A trial

A5.The time of the first contract period is 3 years, the probation period is 6 months. We are looking forward to new colleagues in the first 3 months of probation period, can show the competence of the work, showing high quality results; through the probation period and the supervisor recommended the valuation of the company in this case, it is possible to advance positive.

Q6. in Cary consulting how long can promotion?

A6。 Cary consultation four times a year the debriefing meeting, which in January and July to qualify for a debriefing meeting debriefing, which means that each employee two times a year of promotion opportunity。 Every time after the debriefing meeting, each employee can get feedback from the performance of a partner, and work instructions。

Q7. how to apply for internship opportunities?

3-4 annual A7. month on the company's website (www.chorrillas.com), 51 job, Xiamen talent network will publish the intern recruitment plan.

Q8. internship can offset the probation period?

A8. we hope to intern in the internship, can show the competence of the work, showing high quality results; in this case, by his application, the probation period and the supervisor recommended the valuation of the company, it is possible to advance positive or offset the probation period.

What are the requirements for the Q9. Cary consult

A9。 is a standard consulting project cycle for 2-3 months, we hope the interns can participate in the project, and to have a more in-depth understanding of consulting work, therefore need an intern at least from the two month internship time。

Q10. what can I gain from my internship?

A10. can be harvested from the:

L have the opportunity to experience the whole process of project project to start closing, and create value for the project

L has the opportunity to receive a senior consultant on consulting skills, consulting products and other aspects of personal guidance

Even if l leave, can also have a long-term relationship with Cary consulting

Q11. what can I gain from my internship?

A11. we are not only the elite, we also train elite, Cary Chinese such "elite" based on the idea, for our college students and the ad hoc "elite training plan", for you, for the confusion in the rapid growth and path to realize the self value of future partners to provide the carrier.

L CE0 (president): Cary face regularly every year will have to open the industry salon or forum, bringing together industry CEO, President or senior to discuss the prospect of the industry, the intern can apply for assistant lecturer, participate in the forum, direct dialogue CEO (President).

L special investigation 2-3 Cary: regular annual special research project。 Project members by Cary professional consulting project manager project manager will be responsible for carrying out, according to the project needs to allocate more outstanding interns to participate in the project is responsible for the actual project research, data collection, collation, analysis, research results show, report。

L public welfare counseling and sponsorship activities: Cary will enter the university community, maintain long-term close contact with them, according to the organization's internal needs of the project, we will provide professional and experienced consultants to assist the project guidance, at the same time, Cary for community related activities or special funds or goods in terms of sponsorship needs.

Compensation and benefits

Q1. salary level and structure?

A1. company to provide employees with competitive salary and benefits, is divided into 4 parts: the basic monthly salary, grade salary, performance bonus, year-end bonus, welfare. More communication on pay, arranged in three sides.

Q2. whether to pay social security and provident f

A2. in accordance with national laws and local regulations to pay five social insurance and one housing fund ", the" Five "means: pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance;" gold "refers to the housing provident fund. Business insurance is also paid for each employee.

Q3. do you solve the relationship between the acco

A3。 company to provide account transfer, the party organization relationship policy。 Xiamen will be based on local policies to help employees settle down。

Q4. company to solve the housing? What's it like t

A4。 usually a standard project cycle for 2-3 months, during which the project members will be stationed in the field or semi field form to carry out the work。 After the project is finished, the company provides the corresponding business trip allowance。

What are the benefits of Q5.?

A5. set up to have a convenient private workspace "dream laptop program"; to balance work and life and the establishment of the "family planning" and "supplementary annual plan", "birthday welfare" and "children's welfare" and "welfare" section 38 "Mid Autumn Festival", the collective wedding, year-end party and family members care and annual physical examination; at the same time pay for employees of commercial insurance, insurance for high level employees will benefit the family. For employees to achieve "happy work, healthy life" to provide the support of the pay outside of the protection.