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The power of thinking: beyond the Internet is not

The power of thinking: beyond the Internet is not a computer, is the human brain -- Cary consulting "Xin fire legend, two koans" training course

Release date: 2015-05-15

[course two]

In May 4, 2015, the "Xin fire legend, koans" second training camp officially kicked off at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Paragon Xiamen, the course theme is "the power of thinking: beyond the Internet is not a computer, is the human brain". Students are the main carrier partners from internal staff, Cary sharp alumni, external enterprises. This course focus on the power of thinking, the continuous development of a period of 5 days of training.

Cary consulting "Xin fire legend, koans" training

The course by Cary consulting chairman Lao Xin teacher personally throughout the teaching content, with its more than and 10 years of management consulting experience based on background, profound teaching function and charm of thinking, to help students master the five core competencies:

14 learn to test the language of the 1 models, understand how to use language to clarify the language, with the ability to control the language;

2 to master the thinking process, so that thinking from chaos to order;

3 study structured thinking, use the logic to state the facts, and strengthen their own logical framework;

4 to master the seven elements of the target management and five aspects;

5 learn project management process, to be able to clearly recognize the key nodes in the project, so that the project becomes more rhythm;

In the training process, the teacher constantly work Xin combined with a large number of actual cases and on-site interaction to complete the knowledge, the skills so that students understand and master the ability of thinking in the field, away from the purely theoretical teaching, the core training is through actual combat.

At the same time, 5 days of training teachers in addition to the curriculum syllabus for granted, but also according to the students' interest points and questions to do in-depth study and teaching, so that students really learn to want to know the point of knowledge。

Cary consulting "Xin fire legend, koans" training

Cary consulting "Xin fire legend, koans" training

It is worth mentioning that the teaching skills of modern high-end course comprehensive use of management psychology, neurolinguistics, enterprise management coach "and a number of implementation of the training, so that students get edification and inspire imperceptibly, and decided to put into action.

Cary consulting "Xin fire legend, koans" training

The 5 day course is over, but the power of thought is everywhere in life and work. Each student Xin fire legend in addition to the training of thinking their own harvest, but also need to put up the harvest in practice. "Xin fire legend, koans", not only between teachers and students is the combination of knowledge and transfer, more people and things.

The successful completion of the second phase of the training camp, let us look forward to the arrival of the third period!

Underline []

Topic: expression ability, ease aura heart, put the podium into your own home court

Time: late August 2015 (specific date to be determined)

Cary consulting sincerely welcome every attention to grow their own internal and external partners, learn together!

Registration: + name + contact registration Xin fire legend send mail to caiqy@krgroup.com.cn, will be in touch with you!

[course background]

"I have been in the management consulting industry for 14 years, I have a lot of accumulation and sentiment, you have experienced or are experiencing a lot of confusion I have experienced. Recently, I have been thinking, why not put so many years of accumulated work methods and insights to teach it, to help others grow better, so I decided to open this course...... I carry a sincere heart to you and sincere exchanges, I also hope you can return to my heart, only the exchange is truly effective......"

Why bother when it comes to this course effort, Cary consulting founder and chairman of Lao Xin said mr.. Therefore, in the Lao Xin like Mr. good intentions, "Xin fire legend, koans" system of training camp came into being.

In the course of 2015 began officially started, is divided into three stages of learning, contains five modules:

The 1 module identity: consultant is to solve the problem, do not know the problem, not solve the problem, solve the problem is not a consultant;

The 2 module cooperation ability: let the entire organization for your use, relaxed and happy to reach the target;

The 3 module -- Thinking Ability: beyond the Internet is not a computer, is the human brain;

The 4 module expression ability: ease and aura of heart, put the podium into their home court;

The 5 module communication ability: obedient, informed, Dayi, understand the heart, know TA than TA;