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Terminal services and business


The future of the terminal should not just wait for the plane, the place。

It is a mini type of commercial kingdom, catering, shopping, leisure and other types of commercial services。

It is an independent, complete experience space, bringing together innovative design, local culture and all kinds of high-tech entertainment.

It should also be and will become the era of network business pioneer, becoming the 020 (supplier + entity) model of the new。

The new mode of the terminal to the electricity supplier for the core business by the carrier, is a nationwide planning and implementation of an integration of science and technology, culture, business and service of the new terminal, create new profit point for the airport terminal, to achieve commercial profit multiplier.

Redefine the era of network terminal business, design the perfect service experience, the airport service brand in the future, but the carrier can do.


- to enhance the effective commercial area, stimulate consumption, maximize the value of commercial resources terminal

Terminal business as a gold monopoly resources in foreign first-class airport has been fully developed, many international advanced airport terminal business income and even be able to contribute about 40% of the airport revenue. In recent years, the terminal expansion and new wave after another, the domestic airport began to realize the importance to explore the commercial value of the terminal, and continue to explore in practice, made a lot of achievements.

But also faced with a lot of confusion:

The terminal area is so big, how to increase the commercial area?

The overall commercial area is sufficient, but into the store is too small, how to attract large crowds of people in the airport to the store?

In the end what goods sell well, which is the best-selling product?

Sales growth slow, in the end how to further stimulate the consumption of passengers?

- businesses do not give exposed sales cards, how to do?

- Cary consulting is committed to help customers in the terminal business practice in many problems to find the answer.

In addition to the airport terminal customers to provide business consulting services to customers in order to build a shared platform for the exchange, Cary consultation from the beginning of 2010 organized the "Chinese airport commercial Salon", aims to promote the practice of communication between the airport to find problems, to explore the solution。

Specific service

Cary for specific customer service provided in the terminal business planning including:

1, terminal business planning and investment guidance

2, terminal building electricity

3, brand image

4, satisfaction monitoring

5, process optimization